Our Philosophy As An RV Manufacturer

In most families, FUN equals ADVENTURE; and sometimes adventure equals a QUICK and LIGHTWEIGHT getaway. That getaway is so much quicker and less tiring if the RV you use is low maintenance, easy to prep, easy to use, and functional to your needs. Whether, like us, you Hike, Paddle, Ride ATVs or Motorcycles, Rock Climb, or just like getting out into the great outdoors for a quiet weekend; having an RV that is easy to load and go is almost as important as the destination you choose.

The entire philosophy behind VRV Designs is built around these 5 important principles:

Durable RV Frame that is all aluminum

A Durable Structural Frame That Allows The RV To Withstand The Stresses of Towing and Hauling Equipment While Holding Its Value With Very Little Maintenance.

Durable RV Frame that is all aluminum

Simple and Functional Floor Plans.

Low maintenance Recreational Vehicle

Simple yet Functional Components and Finishes that reduce Mechanical Breakdown and Maintenance.

Fuel Efficient Tow Vehicles

Smaller and Lighter Coach Boxes that allow for Smaller and more Fuel Efficient Tow Vehicles.

Fuel Efficient Tow Vehicles

Exteriors that stand up to the effects of UV Light and Weather.

(All Aluminum Exteriors and All Welded Aluminum Frames is the core of all of these ideas.)

Having a small VRV Flyer Adventure Teardrop in your garage packed with all of your camping gear waiting for a Friday afternoon hook up, can lead to a FUN getaway.

Having a Capable, Lightweight, and Durable VRV XTR Toy Hauler packed and ready to go with your favorite Mechanical Toys for a weekend or week of Countryside Exploration can reward you with the stress-free freedom most of us desire.

Don’t own an RV that requires more effort and maintenance than it returns in FUN. Own a VRV and make memories out of those precious free-time moments.